Temporary Audience Health Unavailability for Certain HYPR Profiles

As you may know, HYPR has historically relied on a third party data provider to source the Audience Health data displayed on the HYPR profile. This external provider has informed us that they are no longer able to provide access to such information, and, for that reason, we are temporarily unable to generate new audience health scores for influencers that have yet to be scanned by our system. That said, we are quickly working on a fix to this issue, finalizing a relationship with a new external data provider to ensure that the interruption to your typical influencer marketing workflow is as minimal as possible. We look forward to rolling out our new solution very soon, and we thank you for your patience with us as we work to remedy the situation. If you have any additional questions on this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated account manager.

- The HYPR Team