Save money with the most comprehensive anti-fraud suite on the market.


Fraud costs the influencer industry over $1 billion dollars a year.

Let that sink in. That's billions wasted on marketing investment that doesn't really reach the right audience. A whopping 54% of influencers in the UK have admitted to buying followers, comments, or using engagement bots and only 36% of influencers globally said they never used a service to boost their popularity.

HYPR has always led the pack on technology to make influencer marketing more efficient, productive and automated. That's why we've worked hard to understand the sources of Instagram fraud, and develop the most comprehensive anti-fraud suite on the market.


Fraud often happens during a campaign, not before. Unlike other platforms, our live post tracking tool helps you catch real-time fraud.


Easily evaluate an influencers' audience health with our tool that assesses suspicious factors and calculates a simple score.


You want to engage your audience of consumers, not other influencers. Our proprietary tool detects like-for-like pods so you can measure true ROI.

Most platforms only focus on audience health. We go farther.

Audience health score: Detects unusual jumps in follower counts over time as well as other signals of fraud or inactivity, with a simple score output.

Brand safety evaluation: Reviews an influencer’s historical posts, running image recognition and natural language processing to identify racism, nudity, and more, which can be harmful for a brand.

Like-for-like circle detector: Identifies other influencers who engage with the main influencer fraudulently and reciprocally.

Live post anti-fraud detector: Tracks fraud as it happens in live posts, utilizing multiple data points by analyzing engagement graph growth, the identity of individuals, language and location. 

"The simplicity of the platform makes reviewing influencers' profiles seamless, and helps fish out influencers who buy many of their followers. HYPR gives us the ability to look at the overall health of the influencer."



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