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HYPR is an influencer marketing program that lets you discover, analyze, activate, measure, and manage influencers for your brand on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

HYPR uses detailed audience intelligence and influencer analytics which come together through the influencer search tool — a search feature that allows companies in the travel, leisure, and tourism space discover influencers based on their profile, audience interests, engagement and demographic info.

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Whether on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or more, travel influencers capture the masses with stunning photography and inspiring captions. Some are budget travelers, others focus on family, while yet others show luxury on a worldwide stage. For every brand there is a perfect partner. But how do you sift through millions of influencers to find the right one for your brand or agency?

Cue HYPR – the automation platform built for enterprise that helps your marketing team find the right creators at scale, evaluate based on their audience demographics, and activate them. Then, measure campaigns using our beautiful dashboards and meaningful metrics to understand campaign ROI. Built by marketers, for marketers.

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Discover, evaluate, activate, and measure the performance of travel and lifestyle creators with HYPR's #1 rated influencer platform.

Unlike other platforms, we are not an opt-in network. Our search results don't carry any bias: Our obligation is to you. We provide contact information and tools for outreach so you can build relationships directly for simple, cost effective campaigns.

12 million+ influencers

Our discovery tool has millions of influencers and is updated daily. We're not an opt-in platform, meaning you get unbiased results and pay no commission.


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We crawl billions of social conversations to analyze social media creators with influence in particular topics, like beauty, travel, fashion and more.

Hundreds of happy clients

We have helped automate influencer campaigns for many major consumer brands and agencies. Our five-star account management team is at your service.

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"HYPR is always up-to-date and such an easy tool to use. The first time I used HYPR, I was amazed... With the click of a few buttons, the accuracy and amount of results found is outstanding."


Travel Influencer Resources

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Whether we help a major airline launch a campaign that reaches millions, or use our tool to find the top niche travel influencers, we've got the content you need to get inspired or educated — or just check in on what your peers are doing.

December 4, 2019
The 8 Best Luxury Travel Influencers of 2019

Many travel bloggers have cultivated engaged followings who admire their impressive photography and look to them for travel ideas and inspiration.

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December 20, 2019
Case Study: Travel Influencers for a Major Airline

Recently HYPR partnered with a major airline to launch an environmental influencer marketing campaign. With HYPR, they were able to find travel influencers who shared the same passion for exploring.

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