Is TikTok a Big Deal for Brands?

We ran a survey with hundreds of millennials and Gen-Z social media users to understand their usage of the big 8 platforms... and we were surprised.

How are the most prevalent social media users spending time on social media, and what types of content do they expect from brands and their peers? Is TikTok worth the investment right now? Read our insights on how TikTok stacks up to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, Snapchat, and YouTube.


Who uses TikTok, and how does that impact your social advertising strategy?

As TikTok exploded on the scene, brands are starting to think about how to use the app, and short-form mobile videos in general, to reach their marketing goals. But how much of your marketing investment should you shift towards trending platforms compared to legacy ones? Our report covers social media engagement across the 8 major platforms.

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The only social network with high percentage of users, daily usage, and positive sentiment (hint, hint: You'll want to invest in influencer marketing here)

The #1 important consideration for brands advertising on Instagram

Which content types users want to see on each platform — news, entertainment, social connection, and education

The demographic breakdown of platforms with very specific audiences, especially TikTok

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