Influencer Marketing Success Story


Moda Operandi wanted all eyes on the brand after an exciting relaunch. Their influencer program was taking off, but Moda's process was very manual: They used Excel sheets to plan, organize, and calculate metrics. The team relied on their own personal connections (or hours spent browsing Instagram) to discover influencers for potential partnerships.

Generate as many social impressions as possible to coincide with the brand relaunch and fashion month.

In the midst of fashion month and a brand relaunch, Moda used HYPR's influencer marketing platform to gain insights on their influencer roster. Since Moda's price point is luxury, they assessed audience age to reach adult women using HYPR's audience demographic tools. Moda ran the campaign and analyzed all the influencer content in one, easy place.

Influencer Content + Performance

The campaign was launched across 17 Instagram influencers with audience interests in fashion, and within Moda Operandi's target audience geographic region. The content reflected Moda's rebrand concept: "A unique mix: contrasting, diverse, layered, conflicting and at the same time harmonious."


ROI Measurement with HYPR

As part of measuring ROI, Moda's brand strategy team needed to share metrics with senior leadership in real time. HYPR's dashboards let the team assess the cost per post and engagement, top locations engaged, and audience demographics reached.

The biggest takeaway from HYPR was that the campaign successfully reached and engaged the audience demographic: Engagement was largely based in the US (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), with 92% in the right age demo and 90% female. Moda could compare individual post performance, like the one pictured below:

"HYPR was a total game-changer for us in the fact that we could keep track of the content in one place, rather than multiple emails from agents across many influencers."

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