Find and activate influencers on Instagram, easily

Our platform has 12 million+ influencers from over 30,000 topic categories.

Are you a brand or agency looking to grow and scale your influencer marketing channel on Instagram? HYPR was voted the #1 influencer marketing platform 2019 by Digiday. We understand influence, and can help you capture it.

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Build relationships with influencers who already engage your audience

Celebrity endorsements have fallen by the wayside of peer-to-peer recommendations. Instagram is undoubtedly the king of influencer content, and influential accounts are still growing exponentially. So how can your brand tap into that golden channel? Don't spend hours manually poring through influencer profiles, and don't guess at who may connect with your target audience. (And certainly don't pay a commission for influencers on an opt-in network!) HYPR is influencer agnostic, meaning we pull over a billion social conversations to help you decide who to work with, make sure they are authentic and engaging with your niche audience, then activate beautiful campaigns at scale.

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Find the most targeted and engaged niche creators, then prove their engagement with your audience.

From lifestyle, fashion, clothing and beauty, our enterprise influencer marketing tools help you automate every step of your creator workflow. Measure ROI within particular audience demographic, geographic and psychographic data points.

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12 million+ influencers

Our discovery tool has millions of influencers and is updated daily. We're not an opt-in platform, meaning you get unbiased results and pay no commission.


30,000 content categories

We crawl billions of social conversations to analyze social media creators with influence in particular topics, like beauty, travel, fashion and more.

Hundreds of happy clients

We have helped automate influencer campaigns for many major consumer brands and agencies. Our five-star account management team is at your service.

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"HYPR is always up-to-date and such an easy tool to use. The first time I used HYPR, I was amazed... With the click of a few buttons, the accuracy and amount of results found is outstanding."



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