Influencer Marketing Statistics 2019

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What are your marketing peers planning for influencer marketing? We asked 100 brands and agencies.

Influencer marketing is a nascent industry. We interviewed leaders to discover what their biggest challenges were, the opportunities they planned to take, and the features that were important to them in selecting an influencer marketing tool. Get the report and the insights.

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57% of brands ranked "finding relevant influencers" a top-3 challenge.

We surveyed respondents from marketers at major brands and agencies to see what were the most important priorities, goals, and challenges with influencer marketing in 2019. Get an inside peek at your competitors' thought process and future plans.

This report outlines and analyzes the responses:

Factors affecting influencer marketing campaigns

The greatest influencer challenges faced by the brand or agency

Dream features hoped for in an influencer marketing platform

Breakdowns of goals and challenges for brands vs. agencies

influencer marketing survey - top challenges
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42% value results > status

When it comes to the identity or star-power of a social media influencer, 42% of respondents said that results with a target audience matter more.


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10 scenarios were given and the respondents were asked to rank each on a scale from 1 to 10, from the least to the most challenging.

60% prefer micro-influencers

When asked if they think micro-influencers are most valuable than macro, a majority of industry leaders said they somewhat or completely agree.

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