Introducing HYPR's Influencer Marketing Accelerator Program

Just getting your start with influencer marketing? Want to explore HYPR's tools before committing to an annual subscription? HYPR's Accelerator Program is built for brands and agencies who are new to influencer marketing and who want to test out a limited version of our platform.

In exchange for your ongoing feedback and a quarterly subscription of $2400, you will get access to a suite of HYPR’s enterprise tools to help you grow your influencer program. This is an invitation-only opportunity.

Criteria for admission

Companies with fewer than 15 employees

Nonprofits also welcomed

Must have a dedicated influencer marketing manager

Willing to provide ongoing feedback for platform rollouts

Features included

1 log-in to HYPR

Unlimited search of influencers in our growing database of 12 million+

1 influencer list for organizing creators, with 5 profiles per list

1 campaign tracking dashboard per month, with up to 5 influencers


Commitment is one quarter at a time for $2400, coming out to $800/monthly. You may cancel before the following quarter by contacting us.

Customer support is available by email:

We offer the most comprehensive, global influencer database across social platforms. HYPR’s search and discovery tool helps you identify the right influencers to work with. Instantly find creators who engage your target audience on subjects that matter to you and them.

Search by @handles, #hashtags, and 30,000+ topic categories on influencers or their audiences, from over 100 countries.

Use our extensive and growing filter list to get more granular.

Evaluate an influencer’s fit for your audience based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic data points. 

Influencer agnostic – our loyalty is to you.

Influencer Management + Measurement

Use a light version of our influencer management tools to evaluate and organize potential creators, then get in touch.

Access contact information for any influencer.

Create a list of up to 5 influencers to organize your favorites for later.

Export a PDF with your influencer list to get a beautiful, instant document of important analytics.

Once you launch your campaign with an influencer, add the campaign to a tracking dashboard to monitor performance, and see how you reached your target audience.

Add up to 4 influencers to measure the ROI of one campaign per month.

Video demos of Accelerator tools

Discovery Search Tool – Find new influencers from our database of 12 million+ and filter by topics, audience demographics, and more.

Name Search Tool – Find influencers by name or account name by using our name search tool and access their audience analytics.

Influencer Campaign Tracking – Track the performance of 4 influencers and their sponsored posts, including target audience reached and cost per engagement.