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HYPR's 360° influencer cloud automates and simplifies every part of your influencer marketing workflow — and is rated #1 by Digiday as the Best Influencer Marketing Platform 2019. Created by marketers, for marketers.


Influencer Marketing Platform

influencer marketing platform

With our high-powered influencer cloud, ensure every dollar reaches an audience who matters.

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Influencer Evaluation
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Influencer CRM & Payments
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Activation Dashboard
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Measurement & Reporting
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Permissions & Data Control

"HYPR is always up-to-date and such an easy tool to use. The first time I used HYPR, I was amazed by how easy it was to comprehend and find what I was looking for. With the click of a few buttons, the accuracy and amount of results found is outstanding. You can also narrow down your search to be very specific, which is a huge plus."


Influencer Analytics

Influencer Evaluation

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Our system helps you narrow down influencers to the most effective within the context of your brand and campaigns. Powered by our team in Israel (former Israeli Defense Force big-data experts), our algorithms rank influencers based on how they will contribute to your campaign.

Audience overlap tool helps you understand the true reach of your campaign, and strategically optimize your group of influencers for maximum reach or higher visibility with a smaller audience.

Audience health scores help narrow down bad audiences who are inactive or fraudulent.

Evaluate campaigns based on a range of metrics, such as who engaged with the campaigns and at what cost per engagement with the target audience. Easily compare influencer performance.

The most comprehensive Instagram anti-fraud suite on the market.

EXPLORE ANTI-FRAUDinfluencer analytics

Influencer CRM

Influencer CRM & Payments

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Streamline, organize, and automate every aspect of influencer management. Our CRM is powered by Salesforce. With our mass outreach wizard, generate lists of creators and set rules to send out numerous proposals at once, track responses, and opt creators in, all from our platform.

Communicate directly with influencers and their managers.

Receive updates to your personal email address as influencers communicate with you.

Retain all communications for your organization in an influencer’s contact record, and store all documents such as contracts and W2s.

Create custom data fields for influencers — text, number, selection, files, and more — then search for your data points layered on top of HYPR’s existing filters.

influencer CRM platform
influencer marketing KPIs

"It's now easier to justify the investment in influencer marketing to clients, leveraging HYPR data to identify the best influencers to reach a client's desired target market."


Influencer Management

Activation Dashboard

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Track your campaigns through the entire influencer lifecycle, from discovery to outreach, activation to measurement and payment. Our end-to-end dashboard helps you manage your campaigns at scale.

Track responses and status in one place, shared across your entire enterprise.

Easily toggle between progress and correspondence tabs. 

See influencer stats at a glance across every creator in your workflow — followers, engagement rate, cost per post, etc.

Payment support and compliance for 100+ countries. Auto-collect all information; No need to collect documents.

influencer management

"One of the most friendly user experiences in the influencer marketing industry, plus [we love] its custom reporting."


Influencer Measurement

Measurement & Reporting

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Measure the true impact of your influencer campaigns. We offer the only platform on the market that gives you the ability to assess the successful engagement with your target audience, including exclusive live demographic engagement data. We’re against vanity metrics — we focus on meaningful ROI, and you should, too.

See data points for your campaign in one efficient dashboard.

Analyze ROI with meaningful metrics for all live Instagram posts and stories including: engagement data, views and reach with your target audience, cost per engagement.

Set auto-reminders and auto-updates for campaign management.

Store Instagram stories while and after they’ve gone live,
and establish a historic benchmark for performance.

influencer performance measurement

Influencer Management For Your Team

Permissions & Data Control

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Our CRM platform is built for enterprise brands and the agencies who manage them. Our tools help you scale the influencer workflow for your entire team’s usage. 

Permissions-based access to tools and features in the CRM.

See your workflow visualized and track progress across your team with all the stages of influencer outreach, activation, payment and compliance.

Manage all emails and correspondence in one simple dashboard.

Exchange notes and information at the creator level.

Create a knowledge base with centralized data storage for your entire organization.

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