The Four Types of Influencers

Influencer 101

Influencers are all around us. If you take a look around you can see influencers in your daily life. Your mother, your friend, your favorite celebrity or your favorite fashion icon are all considered influencers in your own life. It used to be that only celebrities were considered influencers but with the rise of social media, the face of an influencer has expanded to include many more people.

Here are the different types of influencers and what you can expect from each one.

The Celebrity

We all know the celebrity influencer, they are typically in your favorite movie or show. Whenever we think of an influencer they are usually who come to mind when we think about influencers. When thinking about influencer marketing, celebrities may not always be the best choice for a campaign though. Studies have shown that celebrities do not get the best engagement compared to long tail influencers.

The Brand Advocate

Also known as an activist, will make it their mission to explain to their audience how they truly believe in the brand/product. Partnering with a brand advocate is most beneficial because they are the ones who want to tell everyone how great your product is. Think about when you tell your friends about that new game you just downloaded, you technically just became a brand advocate.  

The Expert

We all know that person who is the know-it-all, the leader in their field. Any question you have they can assist with a truly knowledgeable answer, think Gary Vaynerchuck or Vera Wang. These are the people that an industry looks up to, so working with them is a surefire way to make your product known.

The Journalist and the Doctor

These influencers are similar to the experts but without the huge audience. They are some of the most influential people because of the role they can play in a person’s life. A doctor will treat his patients and spread the information about the products he believes will work. Journalist have the power to spread ideas through articles and blog posts they construct as a living. These influencers are typically people who will need proof that your product works before they will support it.

Luckily finding these different types of influencers is a breeze with an influencer marketing platform.

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