The 8 Best Luxury Travel Influencers of 2019


When it comes to searching for your next holiday destination, no matter how remote it may be, there is no resource quite like Instagram influencers. Luxury travel influencers never fail to provide us with the best recommendations on hotels, airlines, and activities around the world. The advantage of social media is that regardless of the destination you’re looking for, there is an influencer with suggestions and reviews on that place. Many travel bloggers have cultivated engaged followings who admire their impressive photography and look to them for travel ideas and inspiration.

Since travel influencers tend to have experience in the industry and give credible advice, it comes as no surprise that they have dedicated followings and that their audiences don’t hesitate to take their opinions seriously. Here are the top 8 luxury travel influencers who can be trusted to inspire beautiful holidays at the best destinations. We pulled data from the HYPR platform, an enterprise-level influencer marketing platform that lets brands and agencies discover, analyze, activate, manage, and measure influencers at scale.

1. Chelsea Yamase @chelseakauai

Chelsea Yamase is a Hawaii-based luxury travel influencer and content creator. She started off sharing her travels in Instagram for fun, and quickly grew a very loyal following. She loves adventure, and her Instagram frequently features her hiking, diving, and surfing.

Chelsea has over 700k Instagram followers and boasts an impressive Instagram engagement rate of 7.31%. Her Instagram health score — a HYPR platform tool that factors in fraud, inactive followers, and spikes in activity — is an exceptional 95/100.

2. Sarah @saltyluxe

Sarah, also known by her social media handle @saltyluxe, is a travel influencer based in Byron Bay, Australia. To Sarah, her blog and Instagram are about inspiring people and connecting travelers with one another. She has travelled to destinations all around the world, putting together destination guides with recommendations and travel tips that are available on her blog.

Sarah’s stats on the HYPR platform revealed that she has an incredibly engaged following. She has 345k Instagram followers, a 3.04% engagement rate, and an Instagram health score of 95/100.

3. Tara Whiteman @taramilktea

Tara Whiteman is a luxury travel influencer, lifestyle blogger and content creator from Sydney, Australia. Her instagram documents her daily lifestyle and colorfully features her travel adventures, food, and friends. She also runs a blog which details her travels, including travel guides for destinations such as Tokyo, Dubai, New York, Bali and Cannes.

Tara has over 1.2 million Instagram followers and an engagement rate of 2.93%. She also has an exceptional Instagram health score of 92/100.

4. Elise Cook @elisecook

Elise Cook is a travel influencer from Australia. A couple of years ago, Elise and her husband moved into their van full time and made exploring Australia their full-time job. Her Instagram account features a clear passion for beaches, good wines and flowy skirts.

Elise has a highly engaged following. She boasts 353k Instagram followers, an engagement rate of 6.42%, and 91/100 Instagram health score.

5. Alexandra Saper @thewayfaress

Alexandra Saper is an American, Bali-based travel influencer and blogger who gave up her career as a lawyer to pursue her passion of travelling. Her blog started from a desire to immerse herself in foreign cultures and gain a global perspective on life. Her Instagram and blog feature every sort of travel adventure, from beaches to cities to nature destinations.

Alexandra is a micro-influencer — she has 65.5k Instagram followers, but an impressive 8.13% engagement rate and 88/100 Instagram health score.

6. Lauren Bullen @gypsea_lust

Lauren Bullen, also known as @gypsea_lust, is one of the more famous luxury travel influencers and a definite front runner in the social media influencer game. Lauren has a deep passion for traveling and travel photography, and through her platform managed to make it her full-time job. Her other interests include fashion, beauty and wellness.

Lauren has over 2 million followers and still manages to have a high Instagram engagement rate of 2.95%. With the help of the HYPR platform we were also able to determine that her audience is authentic as she has an Instagram health score of 95/100.

7. Jeremy Austin @jeremyaustiin

Jeremy Austin is one of the fastest growing luxury travel influencers of the moment. He and his girlfriend started a travel blog, AddictedToTravels, where they share their adventures and destination reviews. His content includes very carefully produced high-quality photos and videos.

Jeremy has 287k Instagram followers, a 2.62% Instagram engagement rate, and an impressive 93/100 Instagram health score.

8. Emilie Ristevski @helloemilie

Emilie Ristevski is another Australian luxury travel influencer and creative. Her blog and feed follow a very deliberate aesthetic, featuring incredible photography and a lot of nature shots. Her style is distinct and eye-catching and would draw anyone to the destinations she posts about.

Emilie has over 1 million Instagram followers and still boasts a high Instagram engagement or 3.59%. She also has an 89/100 Instagram health score.

Influencer marketing is on the rise and travel influencers are without a doubt at the forefront. Because of their popularity and dependability as travel consultants, partnering with luxury travel influencers is a great way to draw attention to your business. When it comes to influencer marketing, it is necessary to have a strategy to evaluate influencers before working with them in order to avoid getting caught up in a fraudulent situation. Influencer marketing platforms such as HYPR can help discover influencers, vet them for fraud, and examine their audience interests and engagement rates.

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