The Top 8 Beauty YouTubers


Youtube’s beauty community is massive and it’s no secret why these artists and self-care enthusiasts flock to this video-based platform. Beauty vloggers have found the perfect place to show off their talent with tutorials and give helpful advice with no time limit. These influencers don’t have to rush or edit for click-bait; instead, they can have a conversation with the viewer and show the delicate details that lead to a beautiful complexion.

Because of the beauty industry’s enormous popularity, demand is high for makeup and skincare guidance from trusted individuals, and beauty YouTubers are the key influencers to shape the future directions of makeup trends. With a wide variety of beauty influencers on social media, credibility gains loyal followers. On Youtube, beauty vloggers create their masterpieces from scratch on camera and prove their credibility with their content. Beauty YouTubers are often seen as the experts in their field and are trusted by their fans to influence their beauty decisions. In this industry, there is no room for fraudulent influencers. For brands looking for authentic partnerships, these are your Beauty YouTubers.

Introducing the top 8 beauty influencers on Youtube: they share the secrets to a beautiful life from face wash through setting spray. We found these influencers by pulling proprietary data like audience demographics, Audience Health Score, and engagement levels from the HYPR platform, an enterprise-level influencer marketing platform that lets brands and agencies discover, analyze, activate, manage, and measure influencers at scale. These influencers have loyal followings who are likely to seek out products favored by their trusted vloggers.

The Top 8 Beauty YouTubers

1. Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is a YouTuber whose specialty is reviewing products and making beauty tutorials for dark skin. She has collaborated with professional beauticians to inspire a growing conversation about the beauty industry. Nyma also shares her favorite routines and advice for which trends to follow to make dark skin pop.

Nyma Tang’s Youtube channel has 1 million subscribers and an engagement rate of 8.05%. Her Instagram @nymatang has 384k followers and an engagement rate of 4.19%. 44% of Nyma’s followers come from the United States and a whopping 17% are from Brazil. Although Nyma’s primary social media is Youtube, her Instagram Health Score, as calculated by the HYPR platform tool, is still an exceptional 91/100.

2. Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles’ Youtube presence is a bit of a mixed bag of goodies. Besides beauty, she vlogs about lifestyle, fashion, and more recently mommy blogging. She has a healthy balance of makeup tutorial videos and hauls alongside below-the-neck fashion-forward updates. Lily Pebbles knows that there’s more to beauty than makeup, so her channel also features skincare routines for different occasions.

Lily Pebbles has over 493k subscribers on Youtube and an engagement rate of 5.5%. Her Instagram, @lilypebbles, has almost matched her vlogging fame with 436k followers. There, she has a 5.04% engagement rate and a Health Score of 89/100. 40% of Lily’s audience hails from the UK, while 16% is from the US, and 4% each is from Australia and Germany. Her audience is attracted to topics like skincare, lifestyle blogging, and beauty blogging.

3. Jamie Paige

Jamie Paige is a Canadian beauty enthusiast known for her in-depth makeup and beauty tutorials. Her most popular uploads feature tours of her personal collections of beauty products, full-face tutorials, and no-makeup beauty routines. She is very engaged with her fan base, often doing videos and choosing makeup based on her subscribers’ suggestions and popular challenges.

Jamie Paige has 457k subscribers on Youtube and an engagement rate of 5.67%. On Instagram, @jamiepaigebeauty has 121k followers, an engagement rate of 7.23% and a Health Score of 95/100. 51% of Jamie’s following hails from the US and 15% is from Canada. Her followers are also almost entirely female (97%).

4. Allie Glines

Allie Glines is a self-taught makeup artist based in Utah. Her channel promotes a casual beauty, with video tutorials for everyday makeup looks, her favorite products, and an overall inspiration for accessible beauty for all makeup lovers. She has a special talent for showing how intimidating glam looks can be easily applied by everyone.

Allie Glines has collected up to 465k subscribers to her Youtube channel and she has an engagement rate of 14.94%. Her Instagram @allieglines has 145k followers and a 10.07% engagement rate. Allie’s Instagram Health Score is an exceptional 94/100. 21% of her following is Hispanic while 54% is Caucasian. Allie’s subscribers are interested in makeup, eye shadow, and beauty bloggers.

5. Gabriel Zamora

Gabriel Zamora is a beauty-lifestyle-fashion lover who discovered his passion for makeup watching popular Youtubers and he has now become one of the key Youtube influencers in beauty. Besides everyday makeup hacks or testing new products, he incorporates experimentation with bold techniques and eccentric challenges alongside lifestyle vlog posts and collaborations.

Gabriel Zamora has over 850k subscribers on his Youtube channel, and he has an engagement rate of 9.62%. His Instagram @gabrielzamora has 947k followers and 6.15% as an engagement rate. 91% of Gabriel’s followers are under the age of 33 and his fans are interested in beauty and makeup art. Gabriel’s Instagram Health Score is an exceptional 93/100.

6. Sona Gasparian

Sona Gasparian is a beauty YouTuber who found her calling using makeup as an acne-cover up and turned to professional makeup artistry as well as beauty vlogging. On her channel, she has tons of videos devoted to celebrity makeup tutorials, do’s and don’ts, and skincare hacks. She also runs the blog SimplySona where she delves beyond beauty into lifestyle and fashion.

Sona Gasparian has 761k subscribers on Youtube and an engagement rate of 8.4%. Her Instagram followers to her account @sonagasparian reach 240k and counting with an engagement rate of 1.44% and an impressive Health Score of 97/100. Sona’s majorly female audience hails from the United States (47%) and is popular in Los Angeles and New York.

7. ThaTaylaa

Taylor uses her Youtube channel to help her viewers feel beautiful in their own skin. Her beauty specialty centers around finding the right foundation, sharing her struggles to find products that compliment pale skin and those that cover acne. A popular playlist of hers is “15 days of foundation” in which she puts different foundations to the test each day.

Taylor has built up a following of 758.7k on her Youtube channel with an engagement rate of 7.71% Her Instagram @thataylaa has over 146k followers, an engagement rate of 5.69%, and a Health Score of 90/100. Taylor’s audience is almost entirely female (97%) and the majority hails from the United States.

8. RawBeautyKristi

RawBeautyKristi’s channel will leave you questioning nothing about her authenticity. Kristi’s Youtube channel is home to many product reviews, full-face and feature-focused tutorials, and Halloween-inspired face transformations. Her sense of humor enhances the experience of every upload as Kristi openly engages with her audience about her own life and take on beauty.

Kristi has a 718k subscribers on Youtube with a 9.27% engagement rate. Her Instagram @rawbeautykristi has 358.3k followers with a 6.81% engagement rate. Her Instagram Health is 91/100. 49% of Kristi’s following comes from the United States, drawing her fan base from Seattle, Orlando, and Chicago. Outside the US, she attracts attention from the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Canada.

Because of their popularity and dependability as beauty consultants, partnering with beauty influencers on Youtube is a great way to draw attention to your business. When it comes to influencer marketing, it is necessary to have a strategy to evaluate influencers before working with them in order to avoid getting caught up in a fraudulent situation. Influencer marketing platforms such as HYPR can help discover influencers, vet them for fraud, and examine their audience interests and engagement rates.

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