The Top 10 Yoga Influencers on Instagram


These days everyone is looking for ways to destress and adopt self-care into their busy lives. People often look to social media for inspiring lifestyle influencers to seek out ways to pursue a healthier life, whether that’s with fitness, food, or an overall change of pace. Yoga influencers are ideal fitness influencers because the practice not only enhances their physiques but the core values of yoga inspire a self-aware, self-compassionate lifestyle. Yoga influencers provide motivation for fitness, but in doing so they also motivate a constant journey to a more positive, healthy, spiritual life.

Because yoga influencers guide their lives by spiritual values, they can be trusted for high authenticity. They encourage honesty by the promotion of listening to the self both during a workout and in stressful situations. They build a connection with their followers by reflecting on their own personal journeys and inspiring others to pursue their own paths, thus fostering high engagement.

Whether they’re motivating amateur yogis, inspiring a healthy lifestyle, or showcasing beautiful landscapes to feel one with their surroundings, yoga influencers have something for everyone. To find the top 10, we pulled proprietary data like audience demographics, Audience Health Score, and engagement levels from the HYPR platform, an enterprise-level influencer marketing platform that lets brands and agencies discover, analyze, activate, manage, and measure influencers at scale.

1. Melissa Wood (@melissawoodhealth)

Melissa is the definition of a yoga mom. She has integrated yoga into her lifestyle, and likewise, her Instagram is mixed with perfect poses emphasizing simplicity over complexity and photos of her kids, family, and what sparks joy in her life. She opens up to her followers in lengthy captions to inspire lives bound by health and self-care.

Melissa has 179k followers on Instagram and her audience is interested in health, wellness, veganism, and fashion. 72% of her following is from the US and a small following is focused in Ontario. Melissa has an engagement rate of 2.4% and her Instagram Health Score, as calculated by the HYPR platform, is an impressive 90/100.

2. Lamise Mansur (@lamise)

Lamise is a yoga instructor who has had a passion for yoga her whole life. She combined it with her dual passion for photography and videography to create her calming Instagram feed. She is usually posed in an asana, positioned against a pastel, soft, or natural backdrop. Her striking form blends beautifully and effortlessly into the scene of nature and maintains a peaceful atmosphere.

Lamise has gained 259.4k followers and her engagement rate is 4%. Her audience, which is 81% female, is interested in photography, yoga moms, and organics. Her Instagram Health Score is an exceptional 93/100.

3. Josephine Skriver & Jasmine Tookes (@joja)

The yoga account created by supermodels Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes is nothing less than an aesthetic masterpiece. Their color-cascading feed is meticulously organized, highlighting the art involved in their healthy colorful lifestyles. Their buddy-workout posts are peak friendship goals and show how they bring high-energy into yoga.

‘Joja’ has over 678k followers on Instagram and a 1.77% engagement rate. The pair has a global following with 30% located in the US, 6% in Italy, and 5% in Russia, Australia, and the UK. Their audience is interested in healthy lifestyles, healthy food, and veganism. Joja’s Health Score is 92/100.

4. Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga)

Featuring more daring and intense backdrops, Dylan swaps peaceful wave breaks for oceanic cliffs. He demonstrates his yoga skills as a facet of his incredible strength, opting for lots of handstands and contortions with muscles popping, and showing that yoga isn’t just about stretching and breath.

Dylan has 645k followers, 62% female and 38% male. The majority of his followers are Caucasian (51%) while 17% are Asian and 22% are Hispanic. Dylan’s Instagram has an engagement rate of 3.12% and an exceptional Health Score reaching 95/100.

5. Ashley Galvin (@ashleygalvinyoga)

Ashley is a yoga instructor and new mom based in Hawaii and her beachy Instagram feed shows her as a true Island Goddess. Her journey to yoga was inspired by the benefits of good nutrition and living an active lifestyle. Ashley uses her strong dynamic flow to cultivate body awareness and empower others to embrace their unique gifts while she leads classes and connects to her followers.

Ashley has over 512k followers and a 0.96% engagement rate. 65% of her followers are between the ages 19-32 and 21% are 33-39. Almost half (46%) of Ashley’s followers are from the US with concentrations in LA, NY, and Denver. HYPR gives her an Instagram Health Score of 95/100.

6. Boho Beautiful (@bohobeautifullife)

Boho Beautiful is a yoga lifestyle brand following the couple, Mark and Juliana, as they focus on travel, fitness, and inspiring others to live a self-aware life. While traversing the globe and focusing on inner strength, they find pauses to post photos and videos of their journey and of their yoga expertise, explaining how yoga influences their lives.

Besides yoga, Boho Beautiful’s 207.3k followers are interested in fashion and health. The couple has a global following with the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany at the highest percentages. Boho Beautiful has an engagement rate of 3.34% on Instagram and an exceptional Health Score of 97/100.

7. Colleen Saidman Yee (@colleensaidman)

Colleen Saidman Yee is an 80’s international fashion model turned yogini. She owns her own studio and teaches yoga and yoga therapy with 30 years of experience, but beyond the asana she embodies a free spirit. Her Instagram is zen and casual showing the viewer her authenticity and electricity behind every post.

Colleen is a micro-influencer with only 44.2k followers on Instagram. 20% of Colleen’s followers are above 40 years old, and she has a 90% female audience. Colleen has an engagement rate of 1.98% on her profile and a Health Score of 88/100.

8. DJ Townsel (@dade2shelby)

DJ, or the “Rasta Yogi” as he dubs himself, is an ex-NFL athlete who was inspired by the Instagram community to teach himself yoga and become a well-known instructor. DJ’s fitness journey has been greatly influential to men and people of color who were unsure of committing to fitness and/or yoga. His Instagram shows off his strength and balance, but also serves as a voice to underrepresented groups practicing yoga.

DJ has accumulated over 100k followers on Instagram and has a 1.34% engagement rate. 20% of DJ’s followers are of African descent and another 20% are Hispanic. His audience is also interested in acroyoga and his Instagram Health is scored at 88/100.

9. Josh Kramer (@joshkrameryoga)

From New Zealand and based in Hawaii, Josh is a yoga enthusiast and instructor with a decade of experience. He has developed his own unique style, blending Iyengar and Vinyasa flow, and captures photos of himself against a beautiful island background. He appears to spend more time on his hands than his feet, as he is a huge fan of all things handstand.

Josh has over 170k followers on Instagram. 33% of his audience is male, and only 12% of his following lays outside the 19-39 age range. Josh has an engagement rate of 3.33% and HYPR awards him a 97/100 Health Score.

10. Chelsea Seaman (@chelseasyoga)

Chelsea is a mother of three who discovered yoga on a whim but now uses it as a way to bring a sense of quiet and calm into her physical fitness and the broader parts of her life. She documents her travels all over the globe where she leads yoga retreats and updates her followers about her inner strength and life journey.

Chelsea has 288k followers and an engagement rate of 1.6%. She generates much of her audience from the West Coast of the US, with concentrations of her followers coming from LA, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego. Chelsea has an Instagram Health Score of 94/100.

Because of their popularity and dependability as health and fitness consultants, partnering with yoga influencers is a great way to draw attention to your business. When it comes to influencer marketing, it is necessary to have a strategy to evaluate influencers before working with them in order to avoid getting caught up in a fraudulent situation. Influencer marketing platforms such as HYPR can help discover influencers, vet them for fraud, and examine their audience interests and engagement rates.

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