The Top 10 Male Fashion Influencers on Instagram Now


There is a special and growing slice of Instagram dedicated to fashion for the male dresser. Instagram allows a diverse range of trends to gain popularity, as the most popular menswear influencers don’t follow the same theme, but have their own signature styles, each with a massive, cult-like following. These influencers utilize social media to appeal to those who have the same taste and inspire other fashion-hungry individuals with their unique take on trends.

Many fashion influencers start their journey based on their sincere passion for style. Platforms like Instagram allow fashionistas to share their talents in styling outfits and gain popularity based on their talents, building a following without the profession or practice of the fashion industry to build credibility.

The ability for average people to turn their Instagram profiles into a full-time career, often leaving other professions behind to focus on fashion blogging and their social media influence, shows the authenticity of these fashion influencers without relying on recognition to increase social media engagement. They tend to build their grand followings from scratch based on their content, not their clout, making them ideal partners for brands in the fashion space who want to make an authentic mark.

Credibility keeps followers loyal to favored influencers, and followers are likely to update their wardrobe based on new content from the same brands featured in their posts. These are the top 10 men’s fashion influencers who shape the menswear industry with looks ranging from trendy streetwear to elegant classics. We pulled proprietary data like audience demographics, Audience Health Score, and engagement levels from the HYPR platform, an enterprise-level influencer marketing platform that lets brands and agencies discover, analyze, activate, manage, and measure influencers at scale.

1. Justin Livingston (@justinliv)

Justin Livingston is an NYC-based fashion and lifestyle writer and runs the blog Scout Sixteen, where he covers a variety of topics related to men’s fashion and grooming. His background in fashion explains his ability to create stunning yet casual ensembles. He uses worldly fashion trends to influence his diverse taste, mixing rustic, classic, and trendy to create a style that is sophisticated with an edge.

Justin has a following of over 332k on Instagram and has an engagement rate of 3.35%. Justin’s followers are mostly male at 78% and draws a large portion of his following (44%) from the United States. He has an exceptional Instagram Health Score, as calculated from the HYPR platform tool, of 97/100.

2. Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)

Adam Gallagher, founder of the menswear blog I Am Galla, is an NYC-based menswear influencer. His long-time passion for fashion and photography results in his highly popular blog and social media accounts, showcasing his artistic blend of relaxed bohemian elements and East Coast elegance in his attire.

Adam Gallagher is one of the biggest names in men’s fashion blogging and has a massive Instagram following of 2.1 million followers and an engagement rate of 2.37%. He has a diverse following with only 24% of users based in the US, and including Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, and France. He has an equal proportion of male to female followers with male followers accounting for 51%. The HYPR platform calculates Gallagher’s Instagram Health Score as 85/100.

3. Leo Mandella (@gullyguyleo)

Passionate about streetwear, 16-year-old Leo Mandella harnesses Instagram to express his personal style while living in Warwickshire, England where streetwear fashion is not popular. He draws inspiration from the London fashion scene, keeping up to date with changing trends through social media but remaining consistent with his own preferences, favoring flashy patterns and bright solid colors.

Leo Mandella has an Instagram following of over 726k followers and an engagement rate of 9.27%. His audience is gender-balanced with 49% males and 51% females. His Instagram audience is interested in streetwear and is based all over the world, with a large portion from the US and the greater London area of the UK. Leo has an Instagram Health Score of 88/100.

4. Joel Mcloughlin (@gallucks)

London-based Joel Mcloughlin runs the blog Gallucks as well as a menswear fashion YouTube channel, keeping his followers updated with new global trends and summarizing his own life and trend updates. His blog features a tool to scroll through his Instagram and shop his looks, often put together from an array of basics in blacks, grays, and soft colors.

Joel Mcloughlin reaches an audience of just over 204k followers on his Instagram alone, and 118k on his Youtube channel. His 69% male audience is largely interested in streetwear and fashion as well as hip-hop and rap. Joel has an engagement rate of 4.68% and a Health Score of 87/100.

5. Phil Cohen (@thepacman82)

Phil Cohen is unlike other fashion influencers because he removes himself from the content. Cohen, an art director and passionate about menswear and photography, abandons selfies and concentrates on the artistic qualities of outfit compilations by laying his collections out instead of adding a personality into the mix. His Instagram is consistently minimalist featuring his own wardrobe often in solid earth tones and blues laid upon a solid dull background.

Phil Cohen has over 750k followers on his Instagram and an engagement rate of 1.16%. Photographing only men’s attire, it is no surprise that his follower base is 91% male. These followers are interested in menswear, stylists, and jewelry. Phil Cohen’s followers also hail from the older demographic, with 72% between the ages 26-39. His Instagram Health Score is an impressive 91/100.

6. Brock Williams & Chris Lin (@yummertime)

Brock and Chris run the fashion and lifestyle blog Yummertime from their home in San Francisco to inspire their followers with their eccentric and rule-breaking personalities, as conveyed by their physical style. They define their stylistic personas by matching their own, using a common theme for each post and donning similar outfits with their own unique twists for the individual wearer. Brock and Chris’s exciting and trend-setting energy is shown by their colorful presence in the male fashion industry.

Brock Williams and Chris Lin, through their Instagram @yummertime, have gained over 212k followers so far. 42% of their followers are from the United States and their audience’s interests include fashion, beauty, and LGBTQ. 83% of Brock and Chris’s audience is male and they have a high engagement rate of 5.86% as well as an impressive Health Score of 97/100.

7. Jonas Maier (@jf_maier)

Jonas quickly gained a large Instagram following from his passion for photographing men’s fashion and posting his daily outfits on the platform. From Berlin, Jonas has a global following and his travels are often featured as a backdrop to his posts. Some of his go-to looks include denim, high contrast black and whites, and dark colors.

Jonas Maier currently has 187k followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 3.96%. His global following includes a large portion from the United States and Germany, and 18% collectively from Brazil, Italy, and France. Besides following his fashion influence, Jonas’s audience is also interested in fitness. HYPR gives Jonas Maier an Instagram Health Score of 94/100.

8. Ryan Clark (@ryanstylesnyc)

Ryan Clark left medical school to pursue fashion in NYC and has since become a growing powerful force in fashion-focused social media. He dresses in luxury outfits and depicts a gentleman lifestyle. He has developed a blog, High Fashion Living, where he shares his opinions on the fashion industry. His profile is the epitome of sharp and dapper fashion.

Ryan Clark’s Instagram @ryanstylesnyc has built up 172k followers and has an engagement rate of 2.6%. His followers, 84% of whom are men, are interested in suits, Hip-hop, and menswear. His following is based highly from the United States at 46%. His Instagram Health Score is a notable 87/100.

9. Rowan Row (@rowanrow)

Rowan Row is a UK-based men’s fashion influencer as well as a fitness enthusiast. He began his Instagram influence in the fitness industry but quickly shifted to highlighting fashion-focused content when his engagement picked up. He manages his blog Rowan Row where he details his journey on maintaining a healthy lifestyle alongside a portfolio of his best looks for different outings.

Rowan Row is a huge name in men’s fashion and has a diverse global following, making up 962k followers on Instagram. His followers hail from India, the US, Brazil, Great Britain, and Germany to name a few. 83% of Rowan’s followers are male. He has a high engagement rate on Instagram of 5.25% and a Health Score of 89/100.

10. Blake Scott (@blakescott)

Blake Scott is a menswear and lifestyle influencer, moving to Instagram following the success of his blog The Scott Effect. Blake characterizes his style as something for everyone to inspire casual followers, although his form-fitting sleek attire provides inspiration for high-quality professional wear.

Blake Scott’s elegant profile reaches over 564k Instagrammers and keeps growing. Besides men’s fashion, Blake’s audience is interested in suits and finance. 34% of his followers hail from the US and many of them are based in New York and Los Angeles. Blake Scott has an engagement rate of 1.14% and his profile’s Health Score is 89/100.

Because of their popularity and dependability as style consultants, partnering with fashion influencers is a great way to grab attention from your brand’s ideal customers. When it comes to influencer marketing, it is necessary to have a strategy to evaluate influencers before working with them in order to avoid getting caught up in a fraudulent situation. The HYPR influencer marketing platform can help you discover influencers, vet them for fraud, and examine their audience interests and engagement rates.

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