Of Course You Want to Work With Influencers

Influencer 101

Influencer marketing is getting a lot of attention as the latest effective marketing method, with Forbes reporting that it generates twice the sales of other marketing campaigns.

Wondering why it’s so effective? A few decades ago, word of mouth was the primary way you picked companies. Consumers might have nearly endless channel selections when it comes to learning more about a company, but the personal recommendation is still one of the most powerful sales forces. Influencers build the kind of trust in their audience that is typically only reserved for close friends and family.

While influencer marketing is powerful on its own, combining it with existing marketing campaigns can boost the campaigns in several ways.

Improving Reach

Let’s face it, many companies don’t have the time or resources to establish authority in every media channel consumers want. There’s no reason to do it all yourself anyway, thanks to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing gets you into the influencer’s channels for engagement, whether they post content on their blog, social media channels, video channel or other locations.

Building Brand Authority

When an influencer posts content or talks about your company, you’re getting a nod of approval from that influencer. In turn, this helps elevate your brand in their audiences’ eyes. If the influencer’s audience includes demographics who are interested in complementary services or industries, you’re also increasing your brand awareness within those sectors.

Targeting Your Demographic

You know your target demographic and have entire marketing campaigns revolving around these core audiences. You can reach your desired audience on every media channel, such as television, magazines, and websites, with plenty of data to show you who is visiting each channel.

When you get into influencer marketing, you don’t have access to this data, unless you use HYPR's influencer marketing platform. HYPR fills in this gap so you know exactly which influencers have the most sway over your audience, allowing you to focus your efforts on the highest performing options instead of launching shots in the dark.

Collaborating on Content

You generate a lot of content in your content marketing campaigns. Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new ideas or fresh takes on topics you cover over and over again. In an influencer campaign, working with the influencer and finding out the best content approach for his audience breathes new life into old topics.

Building Professional Relationships

Your relationship with an influencer doesn’t stop after your content is published on their website. Instead, you build a professional relationship over time. This relationship can benefit your other sales and marketing efforts by providing you new advertising channels or expanding your networking opportunities.

Influencer marketing is more than marketing world buzzword. It’s a way to supplement existing marketing campaigns and improve their overall effectiveness in these five key areas. By incorporating influencer marketing in the advertising strategy, you build brand awareness, increase sales, and expand your business and consumer reach.

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