Influencer Marketing Trends: November 2019

Influencer 101

News to know

Tips to maximize user-generated content (UGC) on Instagram.

  • UGC is a golden egg of content marketing for brands. It shows that you have a solid fan base supporting you (and costs very little).
  • Unlike influencer campaigns, which are a marketing agreement between a brand and an influencer, UGC is brand content posted willfully by happy, loyal customers.
  • Besides being crazy cost-effective, UGC is considered more trustworthy than obviously branded content — in fact, 50% of millennials trust it more.
  • Hot take: According to the Social Media Today article linked above, UGC can generate 690% more engagement than other forms of content. You read that right. Make sure a UGC strategy is part of your next influencer campaign. To see how one of our travel clients generated over 280K audience reach (for free) with UGC using an influencer campaign hashtag, download our #StrawlessSkies case study.

ICYMI, a cautionary tale of a company that sold less product after launching a high-budget influencer campaign

  • A popular Chinese influencer was hired by a brand to promote a women's wellness product. Despite receiving over 3.6 million views and thousands of engagements, the brand saw a decline in product sales.
  • The influencer was outed for fraud (most likely buying engagements) and her Weibo profile was shut down.
  • Says the reporter: "In other parts of Asia, huge sums of marketing budgets are being lost to bots and other types of influencer fraud, with India and Indonesia among the worst affected markets."
  • Hot take: Global companies need to learn from fraud mistakes like these. Fraud is not always easy to catch. But an anti-fraud suite can help prevent fraud before a campaign with indicators like Audience Health Score, and also monitor potential fraud during a campaign (when it's actually most likely to happen).

Working with micro-influencers means sharing creative control, and 15 other tips

  • Working with brands, we see it time and time again. Brands who try to stranglehold an influencer partner into a polished and perfect #ad caption see less engagement.
  • This is especially important with micro-influencers, who have tight circles of influence and oftentimes big trust with their followings. Customers want to see that person's personality shine through — not your brand's.
  • Hot take: We've covered it before here... Customers aren't discouraged by seeing something marked as an #ad. So make sure when choosing influencers you have identified that your brand's audience matches the micro-influencer's audience. Then, you can rest assured knowing their creative direction will land with the right people.

Influencer spotlight

Image from the Instagram feed of @kcstauffer

How Katie Stauffer accidentally turned her family into a tiny (and cute) media empire

  • In this in-depth interview with E!, mom Katie tells all about how her family skyrocketed to fame including partnerships with the likes of 50 Cent and Kris Jenner. It all started with the birth of her twins (and pint-sized, ad lib videos).
  • Her secret? "I feel like our feed is kind of different, I don't know. For us, it's just wanting to be funny and lighthearted and not too serious. That's what I think people need right now."
  • Since her page has amassed nearly 4 million followers, the family has taken on plenty of brand partnerships from food and lifestyle brands.

HYPR in the news

HYPR secures $8M in funding and wins nod for best SaaS platform


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