HYPR Takes the Stage at Estee Lauder Marketing Event


It has been a busy summer here at HYPR, and over the past few weeks our team has had no shortage of events. From influencer marketing trends and strategy to the importance of brand personality to influencer fraud, our team has covered it all. Here’s a brief look into what HYPR has been up to, who we’ve been working with and what we’ve been talking about.

Henry Langer, at the Estée Lauder x Sprinklr influencer marketing event

Our Director of Account Management, Henry Langer, was a panelist at the Estée Lauder x Sprinklr Influencer Marketing Event, with successful influencers speaking about fostering their online personas. Henry discussed influencer fraud and best practices for brands and agencies to reach their audiences.

Gil Eyal for Visit.org

Next, Gil Eyal, CEO and Founder of HYPR, gave a presentation as a panelist for nonprofits hosted by partner Visit.org, offering strategies for influencer marketing and authentic social media brand building.

Ryan Berger at the Landor Salon Series

Finally, founding Partner Ryan Berger spoke at the Landor Salon Series, the Summer Soiree, with industry leaders discussing the future of branding and influencer marketing. He discussed the power of brand personality and how the future of influencer marketing will make brands unforgettable.

Over the course of the summer we have also pulled together some fascinating research on the state of influencer marketing, industry trends and the behavior of marketers. At HYPR, we believe in the power of data for the purpose of understanding the industry and contextualizing influencer marketing. We decided to survey a sample of brands and advertising agencies on the greatest challenges in the industry, factors that affect influencer marketing campaigns, and which dream features they would hope for in an influencer management software. The HYPR Influencer Trends Report outlines and analyzes the responses.

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