The 10 Best New York Food Bloggers


When it comes to looking for a place to eat, Instagram is undeniably a great resource. There are no shortage of food bloggers on Instagram. Wherever you’re looking and no matter what cuisine, you can always trust Instagram foodies to provide you with options.

Since Instagram food influencers are depended on to provide good recommendations, they tend to have strong follower networks and high engagement rates. Here are the Top 10 NYC Instagram food bloggers, who you can trust to share the best eats in the Big Apple. We pulled data from the HYPR platform, an enterprise-level influencer marketing platform that lets brands and agencies discover, analyze, activate, manage, and measure influencers at scale.

1. @noleftovers

@noleftovers is a food photography blog run by Jackie Gebel. Although Jackie is based in NYC, she is also very interested in travel and has posted about food in destinations across the world including Bali, Israel, and Japan. In addition to posting about restaurants, Jackie also shares her own recipes. She posts about a range of foods, from cheeseburgers to pasta dishes to more healthy options, making her a food blogger for everyone.

@noleftovers has 365K Instagram followers. In terms of audience, it is 65% US-based and 69% female. Jackie’s account boasts an exceptional Instagram Health Score (HYPR platform tool) of 93/100.

2. @foodandcity

@foodandcity burger photo

@foodandcity is an Instagram food blog run by Jared Zuckerman. He posts primarily about food, drinks, and culinary events in NYC, and occasionally in Austin, Texas. Jared is also passionate about helping restaurants and brands grow through social media marketing. The @foodandcity Instagram account features a lot of indulgent eats — burritos, chicken wings, mac and cheese, and giant cheese burgers — so if you’re looking for a treat, this is a blog worth checking.

Jared has 77K Instagram followers, and his audience is 60% female, and 67% US-based. He has an exceptional Instagram Health Score of 92/100, meaning he has an engaged audience and real followers.

3. @hungrybetches

@hungrybetches food influencer

@hungrybetches is an Instagram food blog started by Michele Mansoor. It features all sorts of unthinkable foods available in New York City — especially sweet ones — and occasionally her own recipes. Again, if you’re looking for a place to treat yourself in NYC or simply have a sweet tooth, @hungrybetches is for you.

@hungrybetches has an impressive 275K Instagram followers. Michele’s audience is 80% female with key interests in pizza, cheese, and food — unsurprisingly. 71% of her followers are located in the US. She has an above average Instagram Health Score of 82/100.

4. @thesweetlifeoflina

@thesweetlifeoflina instagram food blogger

@thesweetlifeoflina is a food blog based in New York, although it has featured foods and restaurants from other cities including Amsterdam, Beirut, and Barcelona. Lina is not only a food enthusiast, but also an eye doctor. Her Instagram food blog features primarily high-end eats from nice sit-down restaurants and venues.

Lina has 48K Instagram followers, 75% of which are female and 75% US-based. She also has an above average Instagram Health Score of 86/100.

5. @eatingnyc

@eatingnyc nyc food blogger

@eatingnyc is run by Alexa Mehraban, a New York based food blogger. She launched her blog in 2014, and since then it has blown up to the to 324K Instagram followers she has now. She uses her Instagram page to share and track her dining adventures and to recommend food destinations. Her page features all sorts of foods, ranging from healthy to unhealthy and of every cuisine. In the past, she has worked with many F&B brands, restaurants and local eateries. She has an Instagram Health Score of 85/100.

6. @dianaeatsnyc

@dianaeatsnyc is a smaller Instagram account run by food blogger and influencer Diana Vuong. Although she only has 25K followers, her blog features some true gems and impressive food photography, mainly from local eateries and restaurants. She is also a food writer at the food and nutritional blog.

Diana has an Instagram engagement rate of 1.36%, and an exceptional Instagram Health Score of 97/100.

7. @tinaeats

@tinaeats NYC food influencer instagram

@tinaeats_ is run by food blogger Tina Liu, and posts primarily about restaurants and foods in New York and Philadelphia. She is also a community leaders for @bestfoodny. While her page does feature a wide range of foods, she is an Ice Cream fanatic, and features a lot of different Ice Cream places on her account. Tina has an exceptionally high Instagram Health Score of 95/100.

8. @peachonomics

@peachonomics is run by food blogger and economist, Weichen. Unlike most other blogs featured on this list, Weichen posts mainly unique recipes and tips for home-cooked meals, as well as some restaurants and local eateries. Her posts also cater to students who may have to prepare meals in a hurry or with limited resources.

@peachonomics has 89K Instagram followers, and her audience’s key interests are breakfast, healthy food, and gluten free. Her audience is 84% female and 67% US-based. She also has an exceptional 4.17% Instagram engagement rate and 92/100 Instagram Health Score.

9. @actress_eats

@actress_eats dumplings New york food blog

@actress_eats is run by actress, writer, and foodie, Sarah Schenkkan. She is New York based, but does travel a lot and feature food from across the world. Her account is one of the more diverse ones in terms of cuisine and price point of the featured eats, meaning there is something for everyone.

Sarah is a micro-influencer, with 7.8K Instagram followers, 82% of which reside in the US. However, she does have a high engagement rate of 2.05% and an Instagram Health Score of 88/100.

10. @ibitefood

@ibitefood is an Instagram food account run by Khalil, a food and lifestyle blogger. On it he shares different cuisines, foods and ingredients from around the world. His account features sweet and savory eats, and both his own recipes and restaurant features. He also does professional food photoshoots for local restaurants.

Khalil has 32K Instagram followers, 72% are female and 58% are US based. He has an Instagram engagement rate of 1.91% and an Instagram Health Score of 84/100.

People never hesitate to go to Instagram food influencers for recommendations, and with good reason, so it’s no surprise that they are a huge target for influencer marketing. When it comes to influencer marketing, it is necessary to have a strategy to evaluate influencers before working with them. Influencer marketing platforms such as HYPR can help discover influencers, vet them for fraud, and examine their audience interests and engagement rates.

Discover influencers and manage your influencer marketing campaigns with HYPR.

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