Case Study: Travel Influencers for a Major Airline


Partnering with authentic influencers is vital to an influencer marketing campaign to tailor a relationship with influencers whose values align with the brand’s mission. A brand can also reach an audience genuinely interested in the same values. Finding the right audience can predict significant engagement.

Travel influencers are one of the most popular creator categories, guaranteeing followers beautiful content and a way to feed their wanderlust, providing a way to see the world through their Instagram feeds.

Recently HYPR partnered with a major airline to launch an environmental influencer marketing campaign. With HYPR search and analytic platforms, they were able to find travel influencers who shared the same passion for exploring and preserving the world.

Download the Influencer Case Study: #StrawlessSkies

Making the environmentally-conscious decision to drop plastic straws across all flights, this major airline saw influencer marketing as the best way to promote their environmental initiative to engage young fliers and facilitate a greater conversation about reducing our carbon footprint.

Now fasten your seatbelts because HYPR is ready for takeoff! The influencer marketing platform allowed the airline to find authentic travel influencers whose content aligned with their environmental initiative and had high engagement rates.

After finding a general group of influencers having social conversations in travel topics, the company used the HYPR platform to further filter for influencers based on desired demographic and geographic criteria.

The travel influencers used their original content to share stories of what they have been doing to reduce their carbon footprint, inspired by the airline’s commitment to doing the same. The posts from this campaign reached over 1 million followers across accounts and earned 2.3 million impressions on the posts, all on a budget of $25K. (That’s a cost of only $0.01 per impression.)

Not only were the sponsored posts overwhelmingly well-received with an engagement rate 4x higher than the industry’s average and a 99% positive sentiment, but the campaign sparked a cascade of user-generated content from impressed followers, tagging content with a hashtag named after the company.

This breakthrough reached an additional 280 thousand Instagram users and had an average engagement rate 5x higher than what the industry calls “strong” engagement.

The success of the campaign was a direct result of the data-first approach that the airline deployed in the discovery selection of the influencers for this campaign with HYPR. Examining critical metrics such as geographic reach, audience interests, and average engagement, while vetting for creators who generate stunning content, this brand successfully secured a significant return on the financial investment in this project.

Read the #StrawlessSkies case study.

travel influencer case study

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