How to Reach Out to an Influencer

Influencer 101

HYPR is the best tool for both agencies and brands not only to find the right influencers to hire or partner with, but it is also the easiest way to gain access to their contact information. But as you can probably imagine, influencers are busy people and getting their attention is not an easy task. So how can you make sure that your offer gets their attention? Here are some simple, useful tips that can help:

1. Headline:

You should always start with an appealing headline in order to attract influencer’s attention. It doesn’t mean that you have to be super creative, it just needs to be something that you would have opened if it was sent to you. Make sure to keep it short and personal.

Here are some of the headlines that have worked best for us:

1. John, we have a new client that wants to work with you

2. John, we have a client that wants to work with you on an Instagram campaign

3. Jane, we want to partner with you for a Social Media campaign

2. Get to the point

Even though you really want to tell your favorite influencer all about yourself and your product, the harsh truth is that he really doesn’t care about it. At least at this point.

If you want an influencer to pay attention to your email, tell him immediately what you want from him, and will he get out of working with you. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to introduce yourself, but just keep it short. Here is a good example for how the first two lines should read:

“Hi Jane,
My name is John and I’m the Marketing Manager at Mogimo. We are looking for influencers for our new Instagram campaign, and we were wondering how much you would charge for a post?”

3. Talk numbers

The best way to get someone’s attention is to talk money. If you already know how much you are willing to spend on his action, tell him. If not, just ask – but please note that in this case, he is the one setting the rules. Here is what an offer should look like:

“Hi Jane,
My name is John and I’m the Marketing Manager at Mogimo. We are looking for influencers for our new Instagram campaign, and we were wondering how much you would charge for a post? We have a budget of $20,000 and we were wondering what can we get for it.”

4. Don’t take them for granted

There are countless apps, brands and products out there that have great potential, and many influencers who would love to take part in promoting them. But that doesn’t mean that they will do it for free.

Many app developers want influencers to promote their new platform, while in return, offering only an opportunity to be amongst their first users. The same happens with brands, services, and so on. So while your product can certainly be “The Next Big Thing”, the influencer just doesn’t know that yet. Offer him a payment (usually, influencers won’t work for equity) so he will try the product. If he likes it – good for you, now you have an influencer who will most likely promote it without your even asking.

At the end of the day, influencers are regular people, only much busier. When reaching out to influencers, you have to make sure that you keep it personal (as opposed to digital ads or banners – THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE) and that reading your email won’t take them more than 30 seconds, because especially with influencers, time is money.

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