How to Create an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer 101

When it comes to developing a marketing plan, it’s important to create an effective influencer marketing strategy. Over the past five to 10 years, influencer marketing has transformed into a $5 billion to $10 billion dollar industry (and it’s only continuing to grow), and for businesses that want to increase or maintain their market share, build their customer base, and convert one-time customers into brand ambassadors, influencer marketing is a critical component of building a strategic marketing plan. So what is the key to creating an effective influencer marketing strategy?

Do your research + partner with authentic, on-brand influencers 

First off, it’s time to do your research and find the right influencers to partner with. The HYPR marketing suite makes it easy by enabling you to discover authentic thought leaders, bloggers, and experts—including those in the fitness, food, and travel industries—for all your influencer marketing campaigns. You can filter potential influencers by age, location, audience demographics, and more, and the platform even lets you manage influencer relationships (think organizing payments and engaging with your influencer team) to keep your marketing projects on track. We like to think of it as a Salesforce and HubSpot type of CRM built exclusively for influencer marketers.

Create a strategic influencer contract

After you do your research and lock down the influencers you want to work with, it’s time to create a contract that fits your business needs. Make sure to outline how many posts the influencer is responsible for, what kinds of posts you’d like them to create (Would a video make sense for your brand? A gallery of images? Something else?), which channels you’d like them to focus on, the timeline for when their posts should be published, and any additional promotion techniques you’d like to use. It’s also worth noting that influencer marketing is more effective when you build long-term influencer relationships instead of trying to survive on one-off activations alone, so we recommend keeping that in mind when you’re developing your influencer marketing strategy.

Finalize the content the influencer is creating

From there, finalize the content the influencer is responsible for posting. The most important part is finding a balance between helping them craft strong, effective content and letting them have the creative freedom to promote your product in a unique, authentic way (that’s why you hired them in the first place, right?). In addition to approving the influencer’s posts before they go live, set them up with your strongest copy, graphics, and videos so the influencer has a thorough understanding of your brand voice, your audience, and what you’re looking for. And this should go without saying, but make sure your brand and product are mentioned in the content!

Analyze the results of your influencer marketing strategy

Finally, the last step in creating an effective influencer marketing strategy is to analyze the results, and if those results are not what you expect them to be, Redesign your strategy. You can track campaign performance directly in the HYPR suite, but we also recommend working with the influencer to carefully monitor every post so you can adjust your strategy for subsequent posts and increase the success of the campaign as a whole. Want to learn more about using influencers to drive your marketing strategy? Explore the HYPR blog for influencer marketing dos and don’ts, best practices, the latest influencer marketing trends, and more. 

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