How Influencer Marketing Can Improve Your SEO

Influencer 101

Search engine optimization – known colloquially as SEO – is hands down the best way to drive traffic to your website. SEO helps improve your placement in search engine results pages, increasing the amount of traffic you get from organic searches.

SEO is a living thing: it is constantly changing, adapting, and evolving. That is why there is no one way to drive traffic and you can’t rely on just one method to bring an audience to your website.

An Abbreviated History

In the beginning days of the internet, you could rely on just a few relevant keywords to bring an audience to your site. As more and more websites popped up, webmasters could use a set of SEO “tricks” to have their website placed in top positions on the results pages.

Nowadays, there is so much competition and the internet is such a dynamic environment, that simply using keywords and quality meta tags is not enough to get your website listed on the top search engines. Besides that, Google and others have become aware of the tricks being used, and have in turn tweaked their algorithms to not only ignore those tricks, but to punish websites using them.

The changes in search engine algorithms have put more of an emphasis on link building. The principle is simple: the internet should be a social place and websites that are better “connected” to others should be listed first.

Influencer Marketing Is Key

This is where influencer marketing comes in. Influencer marketing is the idea that there are social “influencers” on the internet that can drive potential buyers to action. Instead of focusing marketing activities on the wide target audience, brands can focus on the influencers themselves. Social influencers can have a huge impact on the internet and their content can help push a brand to the top.

One of the most powerful tools in influencer marketing is social media. Besides getting tons of shares or retweets on Facebook and Twitter, focus on the quality of those shares. If you get a major influencer to retweet or share your content, you now have reached a whole new set of people.

Besides reaching new and vast audiences, influencers give your brand credibility. This helps solidify your position in the market and make you seem like a reputable source to potential customers.

Influencers can have a drastic impact on your SEO. If you can identify who your influencers are and convince them to share your content, then you have already taken a huge step towards improving your SEO capabilities.

Content Is King

Don’t forget that on the internet, content is king. People are looking for interesting and engaging content that they are connected with. If you are not generating first-rate, quality content, then you are never going to connect with influencers that will help promote your brand.

In order to create quality content, focus on providing value. Think of what potential readers may want to see or hear, and create that first before thinking of how to sell your product. In essence, you need to create authentic content that readers can’t find anywhere else.

Here are some steps to getting the best content possible:

  1. Use influencers as a loudspeaker to amplify your content to their followers and in spheres of influence you don’t currently reside.
  2. Use the power of social media to create quality backlinks to your media.
  3. Try crowdsourcing content from the influencers themselves. Their content is supremely impactful because they are perceived as both experts and impartial.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to take advantage of the voice of an influencer on your own blog. There are some simple steps you can take to make these blogs more powerful and have a bigger influence on your SEO:

  1. Create a bio page for the writer and include links to their social media pages.
  2. Create your content with one targeted keyword in mind.
  3. Use the theme of the blog as a basis for your blog posts.
  4. Include easy contact methods so readers can connect.
  5. Small bloggers in niche markets are equally important.
  6. Match your guest’s bio with the target audience’s interests.
  7. Use the author handle in the Tweets that are generated by your blogging platform.
  8. Connect directly with influential bloggers in your niche.
  9. Understand when a blog is serious and has the potential for guest-posts.
  10. Have good and interesting writing!

Connecting With Influencers

Connecting with influencers is not easy and it may take some time to curate influencer relationships. Focus on building long-term relationships that pose a win-win situation for both your brand and the influencers themselves. You want to be sure they are also benefitting from the relationship.

Also, don’t reach out to the influencer without laying a foundation. Court them by sharing their content or mentioning them in your content. This will in effect put you on their radar and pique their interest, giving them an incentive to work with you. Lastly, don’t forget to vet your influencers first, in order to make sure they are in line with your vision and identity, and won’t cause damage to your brand.

Overall, SEO is a difficult task that doesn’t have one definite solution. That being said, influencer marketing is one step that every brand can take to help improve your SEO and put your brand on the map.

Author: On Yavin is the Founder and CEO of Online Performance, a company specialized in providing SEO services and the Founder and head of Technology and Internet of Exactive Marketing, an advertising agency. He is an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) with years of experience in web and mobile marketing.

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