Effective Instagram Influencer Marketing 101

Influencer 101

Instagram is becoming the fastest growing social channel for marketers. In 2019, influencer marketing is projected to claim a $2 billion market share on Instagram alone, making it a prime platform for activations. The popular photo-sharing app carries the largest number of influencers compared to its social counterparts, and allows consumers to purchase goods or services direct through the Stories feature.

Choose Wisely

The first task when promoting your business or product across Instagram is to partner with the right influencer. Instagram influencers can have a huge impact on their followers’ consumer behavior based on the content they upload. The influencer you procure should have an audience identical to the target demographic for the campaign.

For example, travel influencers promoting hotels or holiday locations result in organic partnerships, as it's likely their followers already have an interest in travel. While it sounds simple enough, it’s surprising to note that brands and marketers are still investing in influencers without checking their audience analytics.
You wouldn’t buy advertising space within a magazine without checking out the readership figures, and the same rules apply to influencer marketing.

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HYPR offers in-depth audience analytics for over ten million influencers globally. You can search influencers by name, audience demographics, interests and more, to find the right influencer for your marketing campaign—across every social platform. Using resources such as HYPR’s directory and its campaign tracking features will ensure your product or service is viewed by your core target audience to increase consumer awareness and ultimately, sales.

Developing an authentic relationship with the influencer to cultivate organic posts is crucial for engaging their audience as often as possible.

Consumers are savvy, and know a shoddily constructed sponsored post when they see one. A well planned and executed campaign is paramount to building trust with consumers, and to persuade them to purchase your product or service.

The Campaign Trail

After you’ve selected your Instagram spokesperson or spokespeople, reach out directly. Most Instagram influencers provide their contact details in their bio, but HYPR also provides contact information for the influencer or their representative if it isn’t readily available.

When reaching out, give the influencer the details of the budget immediately—you don’t want to waste time negotiating financial particulars once the concept has been confirmed. When broaching the topic of content, collaborate with the influencer to ensure your brand message is communicated in a way that’s consistent with the influencer’s messaging.

Influencers are experts at creating their own unique content, and this is what they’re known for with their audience. While you shouldn’t dictate the content, do provide clear guidelines to avoid posts that are off-brand or could be deemed offensive (PewDiePie, we’re looking at you). A post that’s inorganic will stand out to users and look like an advertisement. Present your ideas as a mood board—this is a visual resource that represents the style you are trying to emulate.

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When negotiating the fee, each influencer will charge a different price depending on popularity and audience size. For example, a micro-influencer will command a more modest fee compared to a macro-influencer such as Taylor Swift. The fee covers the promotion of your product along with the creation of the post/s.

With the number of influencers—and brands activating influencers—on the rise, more companies and marketers are turning to social media platforms to promote and grow their business. Influencer marketing utilizing Instagram is an effective strategy to reach your target audience and increase awareness of your brand within the relevant audience demographic.

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