Best Practices: Influencer Search + Discovery with HYPR

Influencer 101

67.6% of marketers consider finding relevant influencers their largest influencer marketing challenge. The HYPR platform is an influencer marketing software designed precisely to eliminate this challenge. HYPR uses detailed audience intelligence and influencer analytics which come together through the influencer search tool — a search feature that allows companies to discover influencers based on their profile and their audience demographic.

In order to successfully leverage influencer marketing, you need to find influencers who are the right fit for your target audience. In other words, influencers who’s audience demographics large overlap with your target audience. With the HYPR platform, you can get the granularity you need from searching our database of over 12 million creators and celebrities. Follow these tips for search and discovery to make sure every dollar reaches those who matter.

Refine by Influencer and Audience Demographic

With the HYPR platform you can chose to filter your search by either influencer or audience — or both. Select which one you wish to refine and input details such as gender, age group, ethnicity, location, education and more.

Tip: Successful influencer marketing tends to focus on picking an influencer based on their audience, not just the demographics of the influencer themselves.

Content Search

Did you know that you can now search billions of social conversations to find influencers talking about your topics of interest? Insert any #hashtag, @account handle, or word into our content search bar to populate the discovery tool with any influencer who has used that content topic within the last 90 days.

Content searches crawl influencers’ posts to find captions that mention your topic. The more topics you add, the narrower and more targeted your list of influencers will be.

Tip: Look for the blue quotation mark symbol in the dropdown to know it’s a content search term.

Refine by Platform

We’ve updated our search tool to make it easier to narrow down by minimum + maximum follower numbers. Simply type in a number in the “Min” and “Max” fields, and make sure to hit your Enter key after each to refresh the results.

If you do not select a Preferred Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest), your search will populate with influencers whose most followed platform falls within your min-max range. For this reason, we always recommend selecting a preferred platform, which will focus your min-max range on your platform of choice.

Search by Name

Know the influencer you want to search and analyze? Simply type their name or account handle into the search bar. Influencer suggestions will show up in the bottom of the menu.

Tip: Search any brand in this bar to analyze its audience analytics. The same goes for any digital publisher.

In addition to providing an extensive influencer search feature, the HYPR platform also includes influencer tracking for your campaigns, as well as analytics and reporting features. For more information on HYPR influence management features, check out our latest case studies.

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