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Influencer Marketing

Efficient, effective influencer marketing

While most of the industry competes for relationships with the world’s largest and most sought-after influencers, HYPR is influencer agnostic. We view influencers as a commodity: We ensure you have as many options as possible and tools to evaluate, engage and measure performance easily. 

10 million influencers

Unlike other platforms, we are not an opt-in network. Our search results are completely unbiased: An algorithm focuses on finding your best options.


Connect directly with influencers and cut out the middle men. This means no commission or hidden fees. We provide contact info and the tools for outreach.


No more vanity metrics: Automate influencer performance measurement across meaningful influencer marketing KPIs and utilize our comprehensive anti-fraud suite.

“I have found the HYPR platform extremely valuable. HYPR enables us to pull real-time, holistic and relevant data for talent and influencers.”


Influencer Marketing Platform

influencer marketing platform

Meet our high-powered influencer cloud — the most robust on the market.

influencer search icon
Search & discovery
  • World's most comprehensive database
  • Global
  • Multi-platform
  • Updated daily
  • 20+ filters
  • 30,000+ topic categories
influencer evaluation icon
Influencer evaluation
  • Influencer report page
  • Audience overlap tool
  • Audience health score
  • Brand safety check
  • Twin discovery [Q4]
  • Brand affinity [Q4]
  • Like-for-like circle discovery [Q4]
influencer crm icon
Influencer CRM
  • One-to-one communication CRM
  • One-to-many outreach
  • Response tracking
influencer management icon
Activation dashboard
  • Campaign workflow progress board
  • Contract management
  • Contract storage
  • Compliance
influencer measurement icon
Measurement & reporting
  • Live engagement demographics (exclusive)
  • Story measurement
  • Earned media value data
  • Robust campaign breakdown
  • Manual reporting for non-paid programs
  • Auto-reminders and auto-updates
  • Multi-platform analytics
influencer permissions icon
Permissions & data control
  • Determine who can see what in your organization
  • Permissions-based knowledge retention and exchange
  • Notes and info exchange in the organization
SEE the platform

"It's now easier to justify the investment of influencer marketing to clients, leveraging HYPR data to identify the best influencers to reach a client's desired target market."


Influencer Marketing Best Practices

Influencer Marketing Insights

October 26, 2021
7 Mommy Bloggers for Your Brand Influencer Campaign

"Mommy bloggers," or parenting influencers, are a powerhouse of social media. Not only do they raise families, but they do so with style and often share a refreshing dose of honesty on their social media feeds to boot.

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October 26, 2021
The Best Way to Earn User Generated Content for Instagram

Not any influencer marketing campaign will generate UGC. If the influencer doesn't have a high engagement rate with their followers, it's unlikely you'll really inspire much of a ripple effect.

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October 26, 2021
This Influencer Marketing Channel is Better Than TikTok

We ran a survey with 300 millennials and Gen-Zers to see just how profilic TikTok was, and if it lived up to all the hype. We had respondents answer questions on the big eight social media platforms.

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October 26, 2021
Influencer Marketing KPIs to Track: Social Media Value

Using SMV, you can calculate ROI against actual industry-vetted figures. This helps you make data-driven decisions as to the performance of your campaign, and how to optimize future campaigns.

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October 26, 2021
Influencer Marketing on Instagram: Benefits for Brands

The worldwide reach of Instagram has been incredible. The social platform sees 1 billion users per month and in the US specifically, 37% of adults are on Instagram.

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October 26, 2021
How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Brand

If you’re trying to increase brand awareness, the influencers you work with can conduct product reviews or mention some of your products or services to their followers. Follow these 4 tips to find Instagram influencers.

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