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  • "We want to make sure every marketing dollar we spend is used to hit the right demographic for our customer. With that in mind, we can’t understand how anyone would work with an Influencer without checking what their audience looks like on HYPR. It is the best in class tool for evaluating influencer reach, resonance and audience demographics."

    - Marian Salzman, CEO ,Havas PR North America

  • "I have been doing influencer marketing for over 15 years, and throughout my career, there has been a need in the marketplace for a platform who can make it easy to work directly with influencers and HYPR does just that. We are excited to partner with HYPR and grow with the platform."

    - Ryan Berger, Founder, Berger Shop

  • "What we love most about HYPR is the ability to identify, engage, and work directly with the best influencers in the world. The platform makes something that has traditionally been a tedious exercise for agencies, easy and efficient."

    - Cory Berger, Managing Director, Pereira & O'Dell

  • "HYPR is great way to find and transact with influencers at speed."

    - John Demarchi, CEO, Socialczars

  • "HYPR’s search engine is the only place that superimposes analytic intelligence on the attractive eco system of influencers. This service saves us time, focuses our spend, and helps us target our core audiences."

    - Evan Schechtman, CTO, RadicalMedia

  • "We’re thrilled to be partnering with HYPR to provide their clients with turnkey services for any social influencer campaign. Now more than ever, we can easily and efficiently deliver the best in social and digital strategy."

    - Jonathan Margolis, President and CEO, the Michael Alan Group

As important as it is to work with the right influencers, its even more important to understand their audience, since those are the individuals who are being activated by the influencer.
At Hypr, we understand the social following of every influencer in the world, and provide easy to understand, actionable data (demographics, location, interests, age groups, and more) to your brand or agency, in a robust and easy to read format that will help you boost your marketing and drive engagement.

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